Monday, March 26, 2012

May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor!!

Hope you weekend was awesome..
Friday night..
walked down to see The Hunger Games..
loved the books..
first read them over a year ago..
then again..
and again..
I do that often..
reread books..
over and over..
I was skeptical about the movie..
I've seen what Hollywood does to books..
hello Twilight..
The Scarlet Letter (are you kidding me with that??)
Memoirs of a Geisha..
but when I saw the casting for HG..
I thought..
just maybe..
I got excited..
couldn't wait to see it..
I saw it..
gotta tell you..
for the first hour..
hour and a half..
HATED it!!
I know it's only a 2 and a half hour movie..
stuff gets cut..
changing the scope of the story..
to me anyway..
I did like some parts of the games..
I did like the 'behind the scenes' scenes..
but I hated the end..
all in all..
I'd give it a C..
if I hadn't read the book..
I might have enjoyed the movie..
I'm not sure..
your opinion?
Did you like the flick?
Rolling Stone's review
I didn't get to work on my sewing cabinet..
this weekend was too wet..
I spent a wonderfully rainy afternoon..
curled up..
under my blanket..
read my book..
The Scorpio Races
LOVED this book!!
LOVED it!!
Sometimes it's nice to read a book..
no vampires..
no werewolves..
no ridiculously over-the-top love story..
(yes, I do love those too)
no endless series of books..
(yes, I love those as well)
just a book..
a girl..
a boy..
a few horses..
many horses..
and a race..
malevolent water horses ridden in a yearly race..
perhaps that part isn't quite..
so simple..
but the story flows..
and I loved it.
B Plus Plus..
Thanks Maggie..
( =

Friday, March 23, 2012

Library Day!!

I have to confess..
Library Day is..
of the whole week!!
YaY! for Library Day!!
I love the library..
it's almost my best friend..
it lets me borrow nearly all the books I want..
not only that..
they make it so easy..
probably the easiest thing I'll do all day..
all week..
all frickin' month..
I go online..
choose which books I want..
request them..
my Bestie..
(the library)
emails me when my books are ready..
I go in..
grab my books..
which are waiting for me..
in a special room..
with my name on them..
I scan them myself..
and leave..
super wow..
it could only be easier if..
they delivered them to my doorstep..
I'm okay with our arrangement..
I walk to the library..
past the amazing Ventura theater..
get a peek of the old courthouse..
and this building..
with the 4 flights of stairs..
I tiptoe pass this one..
I have done those steps before..
not again..
for awhile..
a long while..
last time I was in that building..
I used the ladies facilities..
as I was walking out the door..
it slammed on me..
like someone slammed the door behind me..
it was just me..
no one else..
that I could see..
you know what that means?
it means..
I'm using the bathroom..
I ever go to that building again!!!
See that stuff??
that nasty spot on the frame I started working on yesterday??
it's poo..
bird poo!!
feathered friends my ass!!
I feed those little buggers every morning..
and that's the thanks I get..
no soup for you!!

For now..
I'm going to slip into my pajamas..
turn on the fan..
although it's already a bit nippy..
I like the room cold..
the bed warm..
grab my heating pad..
and take a nap..

Hoping you all have a wonderful day..
hug someone..
a few someones..
let them hug you back..
don't pull away first..

share some happiness with me..
leave me a comment..

Thursday, March 22, 2012

One Week To Complete!!

I've decided..
since I have so many projects..
I want to do..
I need to do..
I have to do..
that Thursday is..
New Project Day!!
Every Thursday..
I'll post a couple of projects I want to do..
to finish..
here's the kicker..
my goal is..
one week!!
Might sound like a long time to you..
but I have a way of..
dragging my feet..
putting things off..
LOVE starting projects..
in the middle..
or sooner..
I get bored..
and I don't feel like finishing what I started..
leaves me with a huge mess of crap..
keeps me unorganized..
and I never get to have..
the amazing item I know I can do..
no more procrastinating..
no more putting off til tomorrow..
what I should have done today..
my delayed New Years's resolution..
one week to complete..
Here's this week's projects..
I would call it an antique..
but I doubt it's 100 years old..
an old..
vintage perhaps..
Singer sewing machine in cabinet..
and a frame..
I absolutely love..
this frame!!
I'll post more detailed photos when done..
but this is..
Cost me all of..
$1.91 at the thrift store..
Love it!!
I've had this sewing cabinet a long time..
a very long time..
can't remember where..
or when..
probably off Craigslist..
I love this too..
going to paint it very..
light grey..
dove grey..
distress it..
and use it as my night table..
in my bedroom..
you can hold me to that..
keep me in line..
cheer me on!!

What about you??
Any projects you need to finish..
want to do?
Tell what you got goin' on...

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Reality Check

I had lunch with a friend..
an old friend..
hadn't seen each other in 15 years..
at least..
life isn't always pretty..
my life..
has had its ups and down..
dark and light moments..
as I mentioned..
I have bouts of depression..
a down..
I had a difficult childhood..
dark years..
I have 3 beautiful, loving children..
an up..
a gorgeous, happy granddaughter..
beyond a miracle..
sometimes I whine..
and bitch..
and throw an emotional tantrums..
sometimes my life seems..
but this man..
my old friend..
life has not been a lady to him..
she's been quite a bitch..
she's kicked him square in the balls..
more than once..
he smiles..
he laughs..
he makes me laugh..
and smile..
he has a real kindness..
a gentleness..
coming from deep within..
he's real..
life hurts..
we all get hurt by life..
some more than others..
but the great amongst us..
keep their hearts together..
though their hearts have been shattered..
over and over..
they are still willing to share them with us..
with me..
thank you.
Check out off my tangent for more..
Jenny Matlock

8 Things I Love That We Can Do...

Yesterday was not a good day for me..
bit of a bleak one actually..
I suffer from depression..
for 3 years my doctor had me on Effexor..
a high dose..
the highest dose actually..
it wasn't helping..
not anymore..
at first they did help..
but after a few months..
I had to take the pills..
at exactly the right time..
every day..
or I would start feeling light-headed..
get brain zaps..
I took the pills to rid myself of these afflictions..
I took the pills to function..
I took the pills to feel..
In January..
this year..
I stopped taking the pills..
cold turkey..
one morning..
I had enough..
I was still depressed..
and now it was costing me $400 a month just to be able to walk around..
to feel human..
kind of..
so I quit..
(I educated myself on the differences between tapering off and going cold turkey and decided biting the bullet was the best way for me to go)
I crawled back to bed..
and dealt with 2 weeks worth of physical symptoms..
brain zaps..
the brain zaps were kind of cool..
then one day..
then less..
then they were gone..
the emotional stuff..
much harder to deal with..
once off the pills..
what put me on them in the first place..
hovers around..
but I refuse to spend my life in a fog..
I handle my depression differently now..
I slow down to enjoy the moment..
I create..
I read..
I walk..
I try to eat better..
I try not to drink soda..
I smile..
I look at this face..
and I want to be the best meme I can for her..
but still..
some days are hard..
and today..
a few dark days..
mixed in with the many..
sunny days.

Here are 8 things I love..
I think they're easy enough..
even I can give them a go..
I hope you find something here..
that makes you smile..
maybe even inspires you..
I promise..
I swear..
the tutorials are easy to follow..
even if you don't read any language other than English..
they are all simple..
gorgeous projects..
let me know which ones you like best..
Lievo el invierno
grey luster girl
Les Choses de Marie
Glitter Guide
Mixed Creations

And this..
this one is my favorite..
Wishing you..
a wonderful..

P.S. ~ I LOVE comments..
even if you just take a minute to say hi..

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy Birthday Mom

Today would have been my mom's 80th birthday..
but we lost her in 1970..
not a day goes by that I don't miss her..
what I wouldn't give for a little time with her right now..
any day..
just an hour..
a few minutes..
to hear her voice..
feel her touch..
I want to know..
in her eyes..
did I do okay?
I know what it feels like to be a mom..
to be a grandma..
I don't remember what it feels like..
to be a daughter..
a mother's daughter..
Happy Birthday, Mom..
I miss you.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Skyship Academy Book Drawing

Even though I didn't love it..
(read last post for details)
you might like it..
leave a comment below..
what have you read lately??
what is your favorite book?
are you going to go see The Hunger Games??
anything will do..
leave a comment..
I'll draw a winner Friday evening..
for my copy of this book..
it's in perfect..
read only one time..
leave a comment..
good luck..
( =