Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Reality Check

I had lunch with a friend..
an old friend..
hadn't seen each other in 15 years..
at least..
life isn't always pretty..
my life..
has had its ups and down..
dark and light moments..
as I mentioned..
I have bouts of depression..
a down..
I had a difficult childhood..
dark years..
I have 3 beautiful, loving children..
an up..
a gorgeous, happy granddaughter..
beyond a miracle..
sometimes I whine..
and bitch..
and throw an emotional tantrums..
sometimes my life seems..
but this man..
my old friend..
life has not been a lady to him..
she's been quite a bitch..
she's kicked him square in the balls..
more than once..
he smiles..
he laughs..
he makes me laugh..
and smile..
he has a real kindness..
a gentleness..
coming from deep within..
he's real..
life hurts..
we all get hurt by life..
some more than others..
but the great amongst us..
keep their hearts together..
though their hearts have been shattered..
over and over..
they are still willing to share them with us..
with me..
thank you.
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Jenny Matlock


  1. wonderfully stated. We need to let go of the chains of our bondage, the anger of past hurt, and live.

  2. Wow, more people will relate to this than would like to admit, me being one of them.. Grat R post.

  3. I love the essence of your post. Meeting an old friend who remembers us young, beyond the greying hair, the wrinkly smile lines, the extra pound or two (or 20 or so) is a lovely experience. And, isn't it wonderful to see, that though time may not have always been kind that we get to a bit of that young hopeful joyous person who knew us when... Lovely R post.

  4. Oh this is good, and comes in quite by chance but I too will be talking and possibly meeting up with an old friend from let me see....oh we go back, way back, about 25 years!!!!! Oh dear, who knows how life has been for him...!

  5. Life may have gone very different than we imagined it to be! As long as we have gotten stronger and wiser through it all:)

  6. It sounds like you have both been through a lot.

  7. Love this! Well said...

    Despite it's ups and downs, it's still a wonderful ride!

  8. that was pretty powerful. and real. but I guess that was the point. Well stated! :)

  9. what a powerful post Thanks for sharing

  10. This was Remarkable...

    Sometimes life hands some more than others but with wonderful friends like you we manage to survive...

    Great post for the letter "R"!

    Thanks for linking.