Thursday, March 22, 2012

One Week To Complete!!

I've decided..
since I have so many projects..
I want to do..
I need to do..
I have to do..
that Thursday is..
New Project Day!!
Every Thursday..
I'll post a couple of projects I want to do..
to finish..
here's the kicker..
my goal is..
one week!!
Might sound like a long time to you..
but I have a way of..
dragging my feet..
putting things off..
LOVE starting projects..
in the middle..
or sooner..
I get bored..
and I don't feel like finishing what I started..
leaves me with a huge mess of crap..
keeps me unorganized..
and I never get to have..
the amazing item I know I can do..
no more procrastinating..
no more putting off til tomorrow..
what I should have done today..
my delayed New Years's resolution..
one week to complete..
Here's this week's projects..
I would call it an antique..
but I doubt it's 100 years old..
an old..
vintage perhaps..
Singer sewing machine in cabinet..
and a frame..
I absolutely love..
this frame!!
I'll post more detailed photos when done..
but this is..
Cost me all of..
$1.91 at the thrift store..
Love it!!
I've had this sewing cabinet a long time..
a very long time..
can't remember where..
or when..
probably off Craigslist..
I love this too..
going to paint it very..
light grey..
dove grey..
distress it..
and use it as my night table..
in my bedroom..
you can hold me to that..
keep me in line..
cheer me on!!

What about you??
Any projects you need to finish..
want to do?
Tell what you got goin' on...

1 comment:

  1. I don't do project lists because I already know I won't keep it ! I still have 2 chairs to cover with fabric. Would take me maybe 1/2 h but until now I tell myself : I'll do it tomorrow ! lol !