Wednesday, March 21, 2012

8 Things I Love That We Can Do...

Yesterday was not a good day for me..
bit of a bleak one actually..
I suffer from depression..
for 3 years my doctor had me on Effexor..
a high dose..
the highest dose actually..
it wasn't helping..
not anymore..
at first they did help..
but after a few months..
I had to take the pills..
at exactly the right time..
every day..
or I would start feeling light-headed..
get brain zaps..
I took the pills to rid myself of these afflictions..
I took the pills to function..
I took the pills to feel..
In January..
this year..
I stopped taking the pills..
cold turkey..
one morning..
I had enough..
I was still depressed..
and now it was costing me $400 a month just to be able to walk around..
to feel human..
kind of..
so I quit..
(I educated myself on the differences between tapering off and going cold turkey and decided biting the bullet was the best way for me to go)
I crawled back to bed..
and dealt with 2 weeks worth of physical symptoms..
brain zaps..
the brain zaps were kind of cool..
then one day..
then less..
then they were gone..
the emotional stuff..
much harder to deal with..
once off the pills..
what put me on them in the first place..
hovers around..
but I refuse to spend my life in a fog..
I handle my depression differently now..
I slow down to enjoy the moment..
I create..
I read..
I walk..
I try to eat better..
I try not to drink soda..
I smile..
I look at this face..
and I want to be the best meme I can for her..
but still..
some days are hard..
and today..
a few dark days..
mixed in with the many..
sunny days.

Here are 8 things I love..
I think they're easy enough..
even I can give them a go..
I hope you find something here..
that makes you smile..
maybe even inspires you..
I promise..
I swear..
the tutorials are easy to follow..
even if you don't read any language other than English..
they are all simple..
gorgeous projects..
let me know which ones you like best..
Lievo el invierno
grey luster girl
Les Choses de Marie
Glitter Guide
Mixed Creations

And this..
this one is my favorite..
Wishing you..
a wonderful..

P.S. ~ I LOVE comments..
even if you just take a minute to say hi..

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  1. Stay strong love the wings FYI regular scheduled work outs can slow depression