Friday, March 23, 2012

Library Day!!

I have to confess..
Library Day is..
of the whole week!!
YaY! for Library Day!!
I love the library..
it's almost my best friend..
it lets me borrow nearly all the books I want..
not only that..
they make it so easy..
probably the easiest thing I'll do all day..
all week..
all frickin' month..
I go online..
choose which books I want..
request them..
my Bestie..
(the library)
emails me when my books are ready..
I go in..
grab my books..
which are waiting for me..
in a special room..
with my name on them..
I scan them myself..
and leave..
super wow..
it could only be easier if..
they delivered them to my doorstep..
I'm okay with our arrangement..
I walk to the library..
past the amazing Ventura theater..
get a peek of the old courthouse..
and this building..
with the 4 flights of stairs..
I tiptoe pass this one..
I have done those steps before..
not again..
for awhile..
a long while..
last time I was in that building..
I used the ladies facilities..
as I was walking out the door..
it slammed on me..
like someone slammed the door behind me..
it was just me..
no one else..
that I could see..
you know what that means?
it means..
I'm using the bathroom..
I ever go to that building again!!!
See that stuff??
that nasty spot on the frame I started working on yesterday??
it's poo..
bird poo!!
feathered friends my ass!!
I feed those little buggers every morning..
and that's the thanks I get..
no soup for you!!

For now..
I'm going to slip into my pajamas..
turn on the fan..
although it's already a bit nippy..
I like the room cold..
the bed warm..
grab my heating pad..
and take a nap..

Hoping you all have a wonderful day..
hug someone..
a few someones..
let them hug you back..
don't pull away first..

share some happiness with me..
leave me a comment..

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