Wednesday, March 7, 2012

So Windy Wednesday!!

Hope it's been a great day for you, been a bit blustery and cold for my tastes. Not a fan of the wind. When I was little I would run into the wind using my jacket as a sail hoping I would be lifted high enough to fly. Never happened. Growing up so sucks sometimes.
My morning started with a phone call from US Airways at 6:25 AM. WHO returns a call before 8 am? Well, the company who can't seem to figure out they made a mistake by making me pay twice for one flight is who. I'm all for giving people, companies and so on the benefit of the doubt, giving the chances to make things right but after 3 months of sending documents back and forth I just don't see a light at the end of this tunnel. I will neither fly or recommend them EVER after this horrendous experience, not to mention the awfulness of my return flight (delayed, missed connection, 4 hour layover, okay, so I did mention it). Frontier has been my favorite flight out of the 4 trips (14 flights) I've taken this past year. Fun, friendly flight attendants, easy flight and they give out homemade cookies. Amazing how much sway a baked good has.

Today I just want to share a few fabulous blogs I found. There's such a wealth of talent out there I could spend all my time looking at blog after blog, just when I think I've seen nearly everything, a blog like these comes along and surprises me with its cuteness, artistry and spirit. You gotta check these out..
Heart Made by Mayi Carles is also my pick for Blog of the Week. This tiny girl is amazing!! Adorable, fun and uplifting all rolled into advice and support. Once you subscribe to her newsletter, you'll also receive a super duper to-do planner she designed herself. Her blog is packed with funny, delightful Friday videos which I dare you to watch just one. I am thrilled I stumbled into her site. I love her, LOOOVE her!!
Heart Made

Next, I Like Ginger Biscuits is filled with food, photos and dripping with so much sweetness your teeth will hurt from reading it. She too is very adorable. Pop over and give her a peek.
I Like Ginger Biscuits

Last for today is Inside Stitch. If you're a crafter or even a wannabe crafter, you must stop by Inside Stitch. Having just found her today I'm looking forward to exploring more of her site. Beautiful, fun and simple crafts with some of the best tutorials I've seen. Easy to follow, absolutely perfect. I promise you won't be able to get through page 2 without a list of things you want to do.
Inside Stitch

Hope your day is fabulous!!

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