Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Seems I Am Addicted...

Happy Terrific Tuesday!!
Hope your day is wonderful so far. I'm sitting here in beautiful Southern Cali, enjoying what's to be my last glass of Diet Pepsi for awhile, trying to get over this frickin' cold. I tried staying in bed but even I can only watch so much Glee before my head explodes. I tried reading but can't lose myself in the books I've chosen lately, even though I do like Skyship Academy it's just not grabbing me.
So, I end up at the computer finding my way into a Facebook game, Hidden Chronicles!!
Mistake!! Oh yeah, it's fun, it's something to do while I recuperate, it's addicting. I've been playing for 2 days now, trying to solve 'find the item' puzzles, building crazy structures on my estate and waiting for my energy to rise.
Yup, I'm addicted.
Super cool sale over at my Avon store..
Tiny Tilla 4 piece crib set reg $120 now only $35.
Get yours now!!

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