Friday, March 9, 2012

Fabulous Friday!!!

Happy Fabulous Friday!!
As you can see I am still having some amazing fun with my new Hipstamatic iPhone app. Love it!! Don't tell my family but, at the moment, I'm loving this app more than I love my Nikon (and I love my Nikon as if it were a child of mine!). I love the photos, I love that you can see exactly what you used to create a photo and duplicate it. This photo..
Is one of my absolute favs and was taken completely by accident. I just clicked and there it was. I had no idea what I was doing or how to redo it. This app keeps track of all the stats. LOVING IT!!
Seriously, for $1.99 even if you don't love it as much as I do, how awful would that be? You still have a fun little app for a small cost.
**Just so you know, I don't benefit financially in any way from Hipstamatic if you purchase this app. I just really, really love it and want to share it with you.**

Another cool thing I have to share with you today is a deal from Very Jane. Very Jane is one of those cutesy 'sale of the day' sites that's super popular right now. I belong to several of them cause one never knows when one will find the perfect 'have to have' item. Very Jane has one for me today. I love my dog. Looooove her!! And I'm sure you adore your pets as well so this item is great for you as well.
If I wasn't so broke I'd grab a couple more for my daughter's dogs but, alas, I am sleeping in the poor house lately. Very Jane hand-stamped pet ID tag for $6.99
**Again, no compensation awarded to me if you buy, I just like it**

Free Sample Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy Touch Fragrance starts today (3/9)!
Free Sample Dior ‘Miss Dior Eau FraĆ®che’ at Nordstrom

Also, don't forget Friday Video Time with Mayi Carles
One video and you're hooked.

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