Monday, March 19, 2012

Baby, It's Cold Outside...

I'm cold today..
I'm cold..
I'm tired..
I'm achy..
and I'm oh so cranky..
This is California..
Southern California..
So Cal..
it's NOT supposed to be 42 degrees at night..
and it's definitely NOT supposed to be 53 degrees during the day..
it's not supposed to rain on and off for a week..
and no way should it ever, EVER hail..
with freezing cold wind..
but it is..
and it did..
and I'm thinking of crawling back to bed until all this abominable weather moves on...
in California..
some crazy stuff..
so cold..
my dog went back to bed..
without me.

Did some reading..
finally finished up a couple of books..
"The Pearl Wars (Skyship Academy #10)" by Nick James..
you can read the review from Goodreads **here**...
I waited a long time to get this book..
my library never got it..
so I had to actually purchase it..
I'm particular about which books I buy..
if I bought every book I read..
(which I used to do btw)
I'd be broke..
ummmmmmmm, well, broker..
and books up to my eyeballs..
but I bought this one..
not too happy I did..
the preview sounded so good..
loved the cover art..
but, alas..
I was disappointed..
it wasn't a bad book..
if it had been a bad book..
I could have simply stopped reading it..
it just wasn't great..
I kept reading page after page..
word after word..
and hoping..
thinking and praying..
that something about this story would grab me..
it didn't..
I wanted it to..
I really..
wanted it to..
it didn't..
it wasn't bad..
it wasn't great..
it just..
I'd give it 2 and a quarter stars..
mostly for effort..
I will eventually read Crimson Rising (Skyship Academy #2) when it's released..
because I am..
an optimist..
I am hopeful..
and because..
it wasn't a bad book..
perhaps Nick James will put something in book 2..
that grabs me..
good luck Nick James.

"I am Number Four"(Lorien Legacies #1) by Pittacus Lore..
you can read the review from Goodreads **here**..
Perhaps it helped I saw the movie first..
liked the movie..
LOVED the book..
I wanted to snuggle in my bed with this book..
and stay there until we were completely..
I liked the characters..
perhaps it again helped that I love Glee..
and Quinn..
and Timothy Olyphant..
although in my mind's version..
Dennis Quaid played his part..
I have no clue why..
I loved the story..
THIS is the book I should've bought..
I'm going to re-watch the movie..
and can't wait to get my hands on the next book..
The Power of Six (Lorien Legacies #2)..
You go, Pittacus Lore..
did you know James Frey..
remember him?
is a co-writer with Jobie Hughes on this series?
What a great name..
You go, James Frey!!
You go, Jobie!!

now a word from our sponsor..
in other words..
time for a commercial..
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meme needs a ticket to Texas..
for June..
and airplane tickets in June cost money..
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I read about this on Pinterest..
cut the bottom off of a bunch of celery..
place it in water..
and it grows a new bunch of celery..
how awesome is that??
I never professed to be Old MacDonald..
I didn't know celery would do that..
now I have 2 plants started..
I plan on putting them in the ground..
as soon as I get the garden ready for planting..
they could both be full grown by then..
check it out..
from celery..
who knew??

Happy Birthday to my cousin Debby!!
She's 6 months older than me..
it used to suck..
now it's awesome!!

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