Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Want To Win...

Want to win these amazing products?
Pop back over tomorrow for my return to blogging where I'll also reveal how to win this fabulous package of Avon foot care products.
Can't wait?? Then head over to my Avon store (come on, can't hurt to look)to see all the other amazing products now available. If you haven't seen an Avon brochure in quite awhile you'll be surprised at all the fun and functional new items. Perhaps you've already guessed, I have decided to sell Avon. Money's tight at my house, I needed a job. Being an over weight car-less 55 year old put a real damper on my prospects. I want a job I can do from home, a job I can set the hours I want to work and a job where I can express my creative self. Avon fits. I've always loved the product but could never seem to find a representative who was consistent and devoted. If you've been there as well, look no further, here I am. I promise to give you the very best customer service ever and introduce you to new products while having fun here on my blog. Even though you don't live in my area doesn't mean you can't use me, click HERE, toss a few item in your cart and Avon will ship your stuff directly to you. How friggin' cool is that??
Come back tomorrow for the scoop on how to win these goodies and find out what this blog will now be all about.
Thanks for stopping by.

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